BLACK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK Nominated '' JOEY'S WORLD DANCE GROOVE FITNESS" as one of the top five workout videos along side radiant Paula Abdul and the world reknown Cheetah Girls for 2005. 

BET Entertainment website also had this to say about Joey's World Dance Groove, "The music is sexy, the dances are seductive and the experience is totally rewarding."

Joey's World Dance Groove: Cardio Dance and Exotic Tone & Stretch (DVD)

  ***** Movin' and Groovin'

I'm not a dancer but I was looking for a different kind of workout that was fun and motivating...Joey's World Dance Groove is the one! Fast-paced and easy to flow dance steps are broken down so that even an uncoordinated would-be dancer like me could learn them! Joey Dowdy has a winning smile and engages the exerciser without being overbearing. He includes toning and stretching to make for a fun and complete workout - highly recommended! 
  L. Zeigel

 ***** Smiling all the while I'm working-off those pounds! :-)

A long-time friend suggested I check out this workout. She and I both had danced professionally (jazz, modern, ballet) for many years. Now, we're trying to stay in shape and have fun, but still want a challenging workout! I took her recommendation, and wasn't disappointed. Far from it! I'm hooked! Never having studied this style of dance and movement, I found Joey's teaching style very upbeat, positive, and engaging. Steps were broken-down, such that I could readily follow-along and mirror his movements. This is a great combination of aerobics, stretch, strength, and movement that carries you along on a exuberant "ride", accompanied by engaging music (that will have you smiling and dancing-along to the beat in your dreams!)       Athena Garrett


A friend recommended this DVD to me because I hated going to the gym but I needed to lose weight. The guy in charge, Joey, seems cool and so it didnt' feel lame to follow along like on a lot of other vids I've seen. I've lost 22 pounds so far thanks to diet and doing this workout and I highly recommend it. :) Carl C. Kozlowski

 ***** totally fabulous!

I'm not a dancer by nature . . . as in rhythmically challenged and clumsy as all get out. I tried the dvd as a recommendation by a friend, and was happily surprised that I could follow along
I able to lose quite a few pounds doing the exercises and dance steps, but I've gained more confidence on the dancefloor. Joey's World Dance Groove dvd is ideal for those that are looking for a fun and productive way to get in shape and stay in shape.
L. Lee

 **** Total Body Workout that fits into any schedule

In my busy lifestyle, I don't always have hours to dedicate towards exercise. What I like about Joey's World Dance Groove: Cardio Dance and Exotic Tone and Stretch is that I can get a total body workout in a timely fashion that is engaging, motivating and challenging. I especially enjoy the exotic tone and stretch, which has helped increase my balance, core muscle strength, grace in movement and overall mind/body connection.
Carla Flagg

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