Game-Changing Diet & Fitness Strategies to Achieve Your Better Health & Wellness Pt.3

Game-Changing Diet & Fitness Strategies to Achieve Your Better Health & Wellness Pt.3

A Personal Game-Changing Story

My game changer started five years ago back in 2016 when I realized that it was by God’s grace, he allowed me to survive two major surgeries and two car accidents all within six months. What I learned is how precious life can be even though it dealt me a bad hand. Yet, I’m thankful I’ve been given another chance to play the game. This time I plan to leave no stone unturned on my journey to leap higher, dream bigger, and stretch my wings and fly. As I’m “in It to Win It!” I spoke about this shortly in one of YouTube videos entitled, “Made to Move-Dance Like Magic Pt. 2”

 Now here’s what else I want you to know. Honestly, recovering was no walk in the park but I realized if I didn’t want to remain bedridden, I needed a plan, “a strategic plan.” Or if not, I knew there was a good chance I might be lying flat on my back for months. And for me, that wasn’t going to work, or neither should it be for you! So, what did it do? I had to awaken the beat and apply some simple yet effective mind, body, and spirit solutions I have been teaching for years. Wanna know what they are, and or perhaps try them for yourself? Is that a, yes? Great! But first, let me ask you a few questions. 

Are you struggling to try to shift through all the ‘dos and don’ts’ pertaining to your diet and fitness choices? Or perhaps you’re wondering why are things so complicated when all you really need is a few helpful suggestions or simple strategies to kick start your progress? Well, if so, look no further because your help is here. In the last video, “3 Steps Forward to Your Better Health & Wellness Move That Body Pt. 2”, I mentioned how I would talk about and give you a few of my personal suggestions. And I believe this video entitled, ‘”Game-Changing Diet & Fitness Strategies to Achieve Your Better Health & Wellness Pt.3″ delivers the goods and is exactly what you need.


Please check with your health care provider first before attempting any diet and or fitness program.

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