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"The Naked- Truth Will Set You Free & Help You Get Your Body Back on Track"
Says, Joey L. Dowdy Famed Choreographer and Author of "Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness!" 

Eating Issues Identified- I Eat Over Because...
PASADENA, Calif. - Jan. 31, 2019 - PRLog -- His new 3-part video series entitled "The Naked Truth" strips down the lies and pulls back the veil. It reveals the raw truths about healthy eating, weight loss, body issues, and what it really takes to "Get Your Body Back on Track!"

Video 1. "The Naked Truth-The Body Beautiful" Pt. A talks about how "U Can't Change Your Body Until U Change The Way U Think About Your Body." It's "The Naked Truth" millions aren't being told says Joey. He also states that most people think to lose weight all they really need to do is eat healthier and exercise more. So, they do this year after year only to end up with little to no lasting results. Because they're missing the first naked truth component to progressing forward. It is you must "Stop The Negative Thinking" about your body. Here's why. People often forget that the body is alive and well. Your brain is continually sending it signals, vibrations, and messages what you're thinking about it. So, if you're constantly reciting what you don't like about it, "it feels the neglect." Then what it will do is hold on to those feeling as a source of physical protection, and or excess body weight.

Video 2."Eating ISSUES Identified-The Naked Truth!" Pt. B {below} expresses this. "Until You Identify The Issues Driving You to Over Eat Making A Healthy Lifestyle Change Will Be Difficult." It's clear most people equate food and overeating to be the real problem why they are overweight. But is it really? Yet like every problem, there is a cause and a root that stems deep. Is eating too much food the problem, or is there something more? What's Food Got to Do with It?
Joey says, "Food is not solely the problem and you need it for survival. There's no doubt nutritious food fuels the brain and body. It's a good thing. However, the problem is people are using it for the wrong reasons." Check It Out!

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Famed Los Angeles Choreographer & Fitness Motivator Joey L. Dowdy says, "GOODBYE to DEPRESSION!"
He states, "There Is A Way Out! I know this to be true from first- hand experience because in 2016 I had two major surgeries within a six -month radius."

PASADENA, Calif. - Dec. 13, 2018 - PRLog -- ,"I could have easily slipped into a deep-set depression had I not been inspired to have a plan physically, mentally, and spiritually, that worked. Truth be told. If I had not applied it I firmly believe I wouldn't be speaking to you today about the process in my new video entitled, "Goodbye Depression; Hello to Progression!"

Groove on This: "Depression Can Cause Your Life to Be Turned Upside Down or It Can Have You Spinning Around and Around. Yet, Know That There Is A Way Out!"

Beware of The Tricks!

Millions of people face & fight depression daily only to find themselves running around in circles by having to rely strictly on prescribed medication for their healing and help. Many have been traumatized by such things as, losing a loved one, a job, a health scare, or living in an abusive relationship. However, a UCLA research study shows that drugs aren't the only treatment, or in most cases the best treatment. Because they do very little for mild or moderate cases of depression. Here's why. Depression causes inactivity and its intent is to make you motionless. It does so by keeping your mind occupied on negativity thoughts like doubt, failure, your shortcomings, and or your insecurities.

These are all tricks meant to slow you down, but there's a new-found method working its magic and getting results.  It's why many are singing a new tune saying, "Good Bye Depression; Hello to Progression!" See why in this new video.

For Immediate Release:

Famed ABC Los Angeles Choreographer Joey L. Dowdy says, "SPICE UP YOUR HOLIDAY GROOVES!"
THINK SEXY, SASSY, SIMPLY & FUN! Original Backstreet Boys and Take-Five Choreographer Joey L. Dowdy's new video entitled, "DANCE FLOOR Geek or SEXY Freak!" shows how to Make Your Moves Red Hot and Add A Little Peppermint Top!

PASADENA, Calif. - Nov. 17, 2018 - PRLog -- So, don't let the upcoming holiday festivities like a social gathering, a night out on the town, or spending casual time with your loved ones find you in a dancing rut.  Meaning, don't get caught standing there on the sidelines watching everybody else hop around like a bunch of little bunny rabbits on the dance floor when you know you could be joining the fun too?

That's right! Don't Be Stuck with The Same Old Moves, Now Is The Time to Spice Up Your Groove!  Joey reiterates by saying, "No matter if it's an Office, Birthday, Wedding, or Holiday Party, where ever there is music there will be dancing. And at some point, you will be commissioned to get out there on the dancefloor. The Question Is, Will You Be Ready?" He also quotes, "People say to me I would love to get on the dancefloor but I'm so afraid I might embarrass myself or do what Hillary says in the new video Look Like A Geek!"

Joey believes there is nothing wrong with being a geek, However, he says when it comes to movement and dance you don't want to remain that way. You need to "Tap Into Your Sexy Side" and this video will help you do just that. Check It Out!

 EntSun News/10751875
"SEE A VISION-FOR YOURSELF!" Joey L. Dowdy says, aka Dr. Dancer & Author of Get Up & Groove!

"Imagination Is Everything, You Must Picture Yourself Succeeding!" This is the word and a much-needed statement coming from World Dance Groove creator, and the Original Choreographer for boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and Take-Five.
PASADENA, Calif. - Sept. 28, 2018 - EntSun --
However, don’t be intimidated by the critics who can't see what you see. Know that the vision you see for your life most likely won't match that of others who can't see what you see. Because it wasn't for them, but it's meant for you to obtain. It's a fact that you will only go as far in life as you see yourself going. Even the good books say this, "A Man Without A Vision Will Perish!"

This is why Joey L. Dowdy states, "Imagination Is Everything and You Must Picture Yourself Succeeding!" That's right, it means you must "See A Vision -For Yourself!" It's imperative to believe in the dream you feel inside, and to keep your eyes focused on the vision you see. Then, as a result, you'll watch it manifest itself right before your very eyes! It's true that your childhood dreams can become a full-fledged adult reality. If you can see it then you can be, and undoubtedly achieve it.
The key is when you see a vision for your life run towards it. Why? "Your Vision Needs Immediate Attention!" And Joey's new video entitled, "See A Vision-For Yourself!" will show you how to get it.

Please Check it out.
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Amzeal News/10282724
"A SETBACK, IS A SET UP" says Joey L. Dowdy World Dance Groove Creator

Groove On This: "What U Think U See Isn't Always What U Get!"

PASADENA, Calif. - Aug. 7, 2018 - Amzeal -- Okay, here's what you need to know according to Joey L. Dowdy aka Dr. Dancer, Host, Author, Famed Choreographer, Fitness Motivator, Dance Instructor, Speaker and Lifestyle Coach to the Stars. He says, "A setback may appear to only have a downside but if you look at it from a different perspective, then peel back its mask, you'll discover it has an upside. And that is, it has come to teach you a valuable life lesson."

Because when faced with a setback one may question if it comes to interrupt your life's rhythm and flow, or did it come to reroute or redirect it? We all know that challenges come and challenges go, but it's all about how you deal with them that determines the outcome.

This is the topic of conversation in his *New Video entitled, "A Setback, Is A Set-Up!"  Where he engages  in a gripping up-close and personal interview with ABC Los Angeles Girl- on -the -Groove "Carla Flagg." It's an action-packed dramatic event where she shares her story about a horrific incident that led her to ask the question, "Is This The End?"
Please check it out!


"Welcome to LIFE-in-HOT-pursuit" states Joey L. Dowdy aka Drdancer
Famed Choreographer, Host, Fitness Motivator, and Coach the Stars Joey L. Dowdy says "It's Time You Turn Up The Heat and Claim Your Prize As The Chase For Happiness and Big Success Is Well within Your Reach!"

PASADENA, Calif. - July 5, 2018 - eTradeWire -- Did you know there are million- dollar ideas all around you? Yet the question is, do you see them? Did you know that your big opportunity or golden moment is where you are right now? And it could be sending you signals in different ways such as an idea, a vision, a dream, a hunch, or a notion. And if so, it could only mean one thing, "You Might Be on to Something."

However, if you want to be a success in life know that you'll never get there by being content or complacent. Which is what Joey L. Dowdy clarifies in his new video, "LIFE-in-HOT-pursuit!" "He says you must be willing to Make a Move, and it starts with not only having a deep desire to achieve more but it's also about the Chase to Cross The Finish Line. Yet the key to your success and not falling by the wayside is to Keep Your Eyes on The Prize. Nonetheless, that begins with having an appetite or hunger to devour the knowledge and develop the skills needed to win the race and therefore claim your prize."

For example: If your goal is to get slim and trim you must learn to Intensify Your Healthy Intentions by getting a plan and sticking with it no matter what in order to "See Change Happen!" Or to Set Fire to Your Passion or Dream the secret is to rock to the beat of your heart. Know that now is the time to Crank Up Your Courage and go for that dream job. No more sitting on the sidelines to simply watch life, people, and opportunities pass you by. You need to put faith over fear and execute that potential life-changing and or money-making idea swirling around in your head. It's time you "Put It to Work!"

Joey says, "I know you're afraid that people will laugh at you and possibly think you're a little "Koo Koo" for having such ambition and drive. Yet that's okay; let them laugh at one hungry fool who'll one day be laughing too. Yet, this time, the joke will be on them when they discover they've been left behind and see your feet crossing the finish line." For more inspiration please check out his new video.

Joey L. Dowdy/Artist Director
Source: Get Up & Groove Entertainment
Tags: Entertainment, Fitness

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eTradeWire News/10480118
Famed Backstreet Boys Original Choreographer Joey L. Dowdy says, "START LIVING YOUR DREAMS!"
Put Your Brilliant Idea or Nutty Little Plans to Work! His new video clearly indicates that we are all called greatness, "not fame" it's not for everyone.
PASADENA, Calif. - June 13, 2018 - eTradeWire -- But each of us has a sole purpose, a mission, and or calling to find our passion. Joey says, "Everybody Has A Dream to Do This or to Be That. Yet what happens is many people fail to realize that it takes Boldness, Courage, and having a plan to Step out from among the underachievers to succeed. And the first step is to separate yourself from the procrastinators or those who are all talk but have little to no walk. This also means distancing yourself from the haters, nay-sayer, doubters, and all whose mission is to simply burst your dream bubble. However, here's the secret. They'll never be able to find the pin if you follow your heart and put your brilliant idea or nutty like plans to work just like these three examples."

1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped out to pursue his dream for racial equality. Results: His universal and life-changing efforts outlived him!

2. Colonel Sanders stepped out to sell his dream, a delicious fried chicken recipe.  Results: His brand became a worldwide chain.

3. Author J.K. Rowling stepped out on her dream to write children's books that would spark their imagination. Results: She became a top-selling author and her book series became one of the most successful movie franchises.

Now it's your turn to take control of your life and "Step Out from The Crowd and Start Living Your Dreams!" Which is exactly what my new video will inspire you to do. What's even better is after watching the video you can go directly to Joey's website sign up for his newsletter and receive a free PDF 6 Tips on How You Can Put Your Big Idea or Nutty Little Plans to Work. You can also request the how-to PDF for the first video, "Make A Move; See Change Happen Pt. 1" if you haven't already claimed it yet.

Here's the video link:

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Famed Boy Bands Choreographer Joey L. Dowdy/Dr. Dancer says, "It's Not Too Late to Jump on Board
Host, Author, Choreographer, and Coach to The Stars Joey L. Dowdy has a Hot New Youtube Video. It's entitled, "Make A Move: See Change Happen" and it's sure to be your source of inspiration to Fire-Up Your Caboose!

PASADENA, Calif. - May 15, 2018 - PRLog -- Famed Boy Bands Choreographer Joey L. Dowdy aka Dr. Dancer says, "It's Not Too Late to Jump on Board The Groove to Improve Your Life Train!"

Host, Author, Choreographer, and Coach to The Stars Joey L. Dowdy has a Hot New Youtube Video. It's entitled, "Make A Move: See Change Happen" and it's sure to be your source of inspiration to Fire-Up Your Caboose!

Maybe you're like so many others right now who need a little motivation to drop a few pounds, or perhaps dust off that vision board, or even brush up on those dance moves? Or need a break to just sit back relax and be entertained? Either way, Joey's got your back.

This video is the first from his new Joey L. Dowdy Youtube Channel in which demonstrates the grooves behind the need for people to find happiness, joy, live a healthier lifestyle, and be connected to their passion. Joey says, "Many people are feeling derailed right now because they are living mundane lives that are going nowhere. Yet, my goal with this video is to motivate them to get their caboose back on track and moving forward in the right direction."

And after watching the video you can go to Joey's website  and sign up for his newsletter and receive a Special PDF Bonus Gift with tips from the video entitled, "How to Make A Move: See Change Happen!"

Click Here to Watch The Video: 



June 28, 2014,  Los Angeles California

Joey L. Dowdy aka “Dr. Dancer” fitness motivator for ABC, KTLA, Telemundo/NBC, and the original choreographer for boy bands like Backstreet Boys, Take-Five & No Mercy says, "The best way to alleviate stress and boredom is to “Put Your Groove Into Action."

Which is actually what his new book series entitled, “Get Up & Groove! Motivational Movement Techniques is all about.” 

Joey’s series was inspired by a study stating that in 2010 scientists uncovered a staggering link between boredom and heart disease. During the 1980s researchers questioned more than 7,500 workers in London about boredom on the job. When they tracked these workers down twenty years later, they discovered that those who had reported being bored at work were 2.5 times more likely to have died of heart disease. 

Joey finds this statistic to be shocking, but ever so real and says, “Far too often I witness people who are bound by limits and are living way below their performance capabilities. Yet what astounds me is they don’t realize it’s leading them down the road to boredom, depression, and poor health.” 

That is why his first book of the series, entitled, “Step Into Greatness! Perform! Where Dancespiration Meets Transformation,” is so relevant. It presents true stories of real people who took the steps to face their doubts, fears, and obstacles. Their decisions led to challenges, but the challenges led to real change, and that change led them to transform their lives! 

So, if you’re looking for a “groove to Improve your life,” this book leads the way with infectious inspiration that will make you, Get Up Out of Your Seat and Start Grooving On Your Feet!

Former publisher OF DANCER MAGAZINE, Owen Goldman says, “Joey L. Dowdy is one of the most creative and original choreographers and dance teachers I’ve ever seen. His work is riveting.” 

Joey’s book is distributed through Xlibris publishing and can be purchased in all forms, including e-book, paperback, and hardcover.

Here's is where it can be found.

Joey L. Dowdy/Dr. Dancer (His Site)  


Barnes and Noble


For further questions, or for chapter samples, please email Joey directly.

FAMED CHOREOGRAPHER SAYS, “Stress And Boredom, I Have The Perfect Solution!”

 Joey L. Dowdy a.k.a. “Dr. Dancer,” Fitness Motivator for ABC, KTLA, Telemundo/NBC, and The Original Choreographer For Boy Bands Like Backstreet Boys, Take-Five, & No Mercy,
 LOS ANGELES - July 1, 2014 - PRLog -- says the way to alleviate stress and boredom is to “Put Your Groove Into Action.”

Which is actually what his new book series entitled, "Get Up & Groove! Motivational Movement Techniques is all about."

 Joey’s series was inspired by a study stating that in 2010 scientists uncovered a staggering link between boredom and heart disease. During the 1980s researchers questioned more than 7,500 workers in London about boredom on the job. When they tracked these workers down twenty years later, they discovered that those who had reported being bored at work were 2.5 times more likely to have died of heart disease.

 Joey finds this statistic to be shocking, but ever so real and says, “Far too often I witness people who are bound by limits and are living way below their performance capabilities. Yet what astounds me is they don’t realize it’s leading them down the road to boredom, depression, and poor health.”

That is why his first book of the series, entitled, “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform! where dancespiration meets Transformation is so relevant. It presents true stories of real performers who took the steps to face their doubts, fears, and obstacles. Their decisions led to challenges, but the challenges led to real change, and that change led them to transform their lives!”

So if you’re looking for a groove to Improve your life, this book leads the way with infectious inspiration that will make you, Get Up Out of Your Seat and Start Grooving On Your Feet!

 Joey’s book is distributed through Xlibris publishing and can be purchased in all forms, including e-book, paperback, and hard cover. It can be found on Xlibris, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble’s website.


For further questions, or for chapter samples, please email joey directly at
 Joey L. Dowdy [email protected]

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Famed Choreographer/Instructor Joey L. Dowdy's says, "It's Never Too Late so, Get Up & Groove Yourself Into Shape.”

April 06, 2014 | United States | Entertainment
First lady Michelle Obama partners with surgeon general M.D. Regina Benjamin for the fight against childhood obesity. Michelle declares this a "State of Emergency." She states, “I don't want our kids to live diminished lives because we failed to Step Up Today.”

United States, April 06,2014/ -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 

World Dance Groove Fitness Entertainment

Email: [email protected], [email protected]   

 Joey L. Dowdy aka Dr. Dancer original choreographer for such boy bands as Backstreet Boys, Take – Five & No Mercy, creator of World Dance Groove, and ABC & K-TLA television fitness motivator sends his own shout out. He says, “If we all work together we can beat this epidemic and no longer live our lives as victims, it’s through implementing healthier lifestyle changes that we can strike back and gain the victory.”
He confirms that you can “Never Be Too Young, or Old, Nor Is It Too Late to Stretch Those Limbs and Get Up & Groove Yourself Into Shape!”

However, Joey is no stranger to the challenges that kids face. He states, “I grow up as an overweight kid who later developed low self- esteem. I looked to food as my comforter in which only made matters worse. As it was the vice I used too like some many others to get, or rather eat through every emotional outburst. Later I learned that the food became a shield; it was something I hid behind. Because I was afraid to deal with the issues that road blocked me from learning how to accept and love myself.” 

Recently More Than A Thousand Kid's Rushed to The Stage for Joey's Get Up & Groove Fitness workout during The Los Angeles Unified School District National Nutrition Month Health Fair entitled, “Nutrition from The Ground Up A-Z Garden Bar” an event held March 4th at Edison Elementary school in Glendale California.

This well-received annual event is designed to give kids and teachers more awareness (through crafty & creative display booths) about the unique range of fruits and vegetables available, as well as show them how they can incorporate these healthier options into their daily teaching and eating plans. 

It was after enjoying all those healthy delicious treats they chasse` (chased) on over to the Stage for the main course and highlight Joey L. Dowdy's Get Up & Groove Dance Work Out. Where Joey focused on the benefits of Physical Activity through dance. His fun easy to follow high energy dance moves showed them just how much “Cardio Does A Body!” How might it? Here are few examples. 

*It Give You More Energy 

*Speeds Up Your Metabolism

*Burns Calories

*Detoxifies Your Body

*Makes Your Smile 

It goes to show you that healthy eating & enjoyable exercise can fit like a glove. Joey says, “It's all good steps in the right direction to, "Live Your Best by Training Your Best."

For pictures go here:

                         Joey's Disco Dance Fitness

PRLog (Press Release) - Feb 01, 2011 -
World Dance Groove™
Email [email protected]

Famed Joey L. Dowdy Choreographer/Instructor’s Disco Dance Fitness will have you singing, “I, I, I, Am Stayin Alive!” Hundreds of cooks and food service workers of every Age, Color, Shape, and Size jammed packed the ballroom at the California Schools Nutrition Association (CSNA) 58TH Annual convention held at the Pasadena Convention Center Jan 15-17 2011.

The stellar three-day festival featured a line up of new healthy snacks designed for school’s cafeterias by way of different display booths, taste tests, and free products giveaways.

However, another major highlight and main attraction took place just one building away as eager participants stood on the ballroom floor "Ready For Some Action." This lively crew waited for instructions that were so brilliantly executed by AKA Dr. Dancer & Master Teacher Joey L. Dowdy, who geared them up for their exciting day ahead.

 Joey is the original Choreographer for Pop sensations like Backstreet Boys, Take-5, No Mercy and a Los Angeles ABC television Fitness motivator. And he didn’t fail to please this very enthusiastic group by serving up a delicious Disco Dance Fitness workout that delighted workers from all over the California area.

Dancing Dowdy showed them how to strut their “Hot Stuff”. He started the class with a warm-up followed by a series of Sizzling routines that took them down good ole` memory lane with such funky grooves like, Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”, Saturday Night Fever’s Bee Gee’s “Stayin Alive”, Curtis Mayfield “Movin On Up! And the always electric crowd-pleaser “YMCA”.

Joey ‘s slick moves and magnetic personality was a sure-fire winner. The whole set up was in connection with this years 70’s theme and their Saturday night awards gala & Disco Dance party. His class was the prequel for what would occur later that evening; where these boogie on down participants would have an opportunity to bust a move on the dance floor and woo the crowd with some of the steps they learned earlier with Dr. Dancer Joey L Dowdy.

And like the 70’s, let’s just say, “ They were all Super Fly”. Robert Garrett famed Movie music scoring producer handled video and still picture shoots.

For more information & more pictures please visit joey’s blog @

To check out his critically acclaimed videos link [email protected]

Breaking Barriers & His Shackles Joey L. Dowdy famed Choreographer/Instructor speaks out about the Hush, Hush, Silence of Domestic Abuse. Joey says, “This couldn’t be a more talked about and controversial subject right now.”


Nov. 9, 2009 - PRLog -- World Dance Groove™
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Breaking Barriers & His Shackles Joey L. Dowdy famed Choreographer/Instructor speaks out about the Hush, Hush, Silence of Domestic Abuse.

 Joey says, “This couldn’t be a more talked about and controversial subject right now.” 

You know this is BIG, BIG news when celeb’s like Rihanna, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Monique and “So You Think You Can Dance” judge Mary Murphy are all talking about domestic violence and their abusive past.

“Precious” the new Oscar-worthy movie directed by Lee Daniels depicts the trials and tribulation of an obese young teenage African American female Gabourey Sidibe, who has dreams of becoming a leading girl in music videos. However, her dreams are quickly shattered by her mentally, physically and abusive mother, and sexually abusive father.”

 Joey L.  Dowdy World Dance Groove’s Artistic Director and famed original choreographer for boy bands like Backstreet Boys & Take-Five know a step or two about the twists, and turns, of domestic violence gripping hold from his own experiences. Joey states, “I remember as a child being repeatedly molested by an older person who forced me to do things that violated my innocence. I too like so many others were afraid to speak out for fear of what others would think about me; I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me.” “Actually, I was so confused and I thought maybe I caused it; I even wondered if there was something wrong with me. I didn’t know who to turn to, or where to go, so sadly, I just buried my feelings. I never talked about it; I just wore the pain.

I can totally identify with “Gabby” the teenage girl in “Precious” because I was an overweight teen who was constantly being picked on and called names by my classmates. I soon after developed low self- esteem, and a hatred for the way I looked. I now realize it was partly because of not discussing and/or getting help for my molestation issue.” But this is what I know now. “You Can Turn Your Pain into Power” if you act upon just three things.

1. Know that the battered are often too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help.    

2. Don’t worry what others may think about you; move ahead anyway.

3. Seek help and support; speak out to a loved one or a close friend. As soon as you start to help yourself, others will help you.

 Joey gives thanks to God for his amazing grace during his most vulnerable times. He says, “I was just a kid who could have easily resorted to drugs, crime, or suicide, for comfort and emotion release, but I didn’t my faith kept me. As well as this was all happening while growing up in an abusive household where my father abused my mother; it was such an uncomfortable feeling witnessing the mental and physical torment of domestic abuse. But I’m thankful I found hope.”

 Joey’s, youtube channel worlddancegroove1 has two highly talked about videos, “Movement is Medicine, & Rage & Rise”, which features powerful contemporary creative dance & textual visualization montages that depict the subject matter. Several viewers have commented and stated they love Joey’s videos because they focus not just on the problem, but they as well give them hopeful and helpful empowering solutions.

For more go here:

For videos go here:


Location: Los Angeles - California - US
Dec. 18, 2009 -

PRLog -- “Is Sexy Back? Could "JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SEXY BACK" hit dance track be correct? Did he truly bring Sexy back?    

 Joey  L. Dowdy says, " It never left, okay don’t get me wrong, I love that song I think it’s a classic. Justin took a bold step and different direction with his music; the song “Sexy back” brought a fresh new much-needed sound. It has a brassy hard edge attitude vibe, it makes you stand attention. It's provocative as well as it awakened your senses. I think it's clever and effective.

However, when it comes to dance and movement, music with an attitude has been ablaze for decades.”

 Joey 's proves that point with his new Hot & Spicy World Dance "Sexy Groove-Hot Moves” video Lessons 101 in which delivers a range of dance styles with an international flair. It also includes some of his fiery easy to follow (well, maybe with a little practice :) signature moves packaged together especially for you. The holidays are here and filled with good cheer, so this couldn’t be a better gift. It will surely “Put Some Pep in Your Step” and get you in a festive celebration mood.

 Joey says, “My Sexy Groove video is designed to help you unleash your inner kitty cat, or that outer furious tiger, whichever you may need. I believe there’s a sexy side to everyone yet you may have to dig a little to find it, but that okay, it’ll be a fun discovery. Trust me, just play this video whenever you’re having a difficult or boring day at work, or a lonesome cold winter’s night and it’ll surely Spice Things Up. I’ll have you in a good mood and ready to Get Up & Groove.”
Sounds good
Link here:


Thursday, January 19, 2006, Contact: Call 626 634 2246

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Los Angeles-based dance instructor says if American Idol reject William Hung can master his moves, anyone can. Famed Dancer & Choreographer Joey L. Dowdy teaches Afro-Latino dance in Los Angeles and says anyone who’s afraid of trying this style of dance can look to William Hung for inspiration. Dowdy says after the Idol debacle, Hung showed up at his Afro-Latino class  in Pasadena to improve his Ricky Martin-esque moves, and surprisingly, “He did a pretty decent job.”
The dance instructor says the only setback was Hung’s mother, who “put more pressure on him than he needed” by stepping out onto the dance floor to correct him. Dowdy says he told her, “Mommy, we love you but you have to sit down!” From then on, Hung shook his “bonbon” with ease.

For shy wallflowers, Dowdy suggests using an instructional DVD like his own – Joey’s World Dance Groove Fitness – to practice seductive steps at home or at the office with the door shut. Afterward, he says, “You can take it to the clubs and bust it out.”
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