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Joey L. Dowdy aka Dr. Dancer website is designed to teach you through dance, fitness, and motivation how to “Live Your Best Life on The Groove!”

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About Me
As an Entertainer, Host, Choreographer, Author, Fitness Motivator, and Personal Development Coach I say this about life and living.

I don’t struggle with too much anymore because I’ve learned how to recognize what things are holding me back. Then I confront them since I’ve had to develop the mindset of being a survivor...

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Rise to The Rhythm Awaken the Beat & Live Your Life’s Highest Capabilities

Been Down for too long? Have you lost your life’s rhythm and need to get back on the beat? In Rise to the Rhythm, Joey L. Dowdy AKA Dr. Dancer demonstrates how you can get out of this rut and “Groove to Improve Your life.”

Famed Backstreet Boys & Take-Five original choreographer and ABC Los Angeles Fitness Motivator tells how he rises above setbacks and challenges to live in the groove power of his full potential. Through stories, humor, and many practical steps, he shows you how to take control of your life and do it one beat at a time.

In these pages you’ll learn:

How to Make A Move and See Change Happen

How to Kick Your Confidence Into High Gear

How to Groove Beyond Fear

How to Snap to It, Feel It & Attract What You Want

How to Whistle While You, "Work It"

It’s never too late to find your beat and get back in step, and this book will teach you how to do it.

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Be the next hot one on the dancefloor!

Hello Everybody! 😀

Welcome to my Hot New online course entitled, “Go from Zero to Dance Routine Challenge Hero!” This 30-day transformational “Read My Hips” world dance groove experience is one you don’t want to miss.

Here’s your opportunity to transform from a “hesitant beginner” to a dancefloor sensation. And bid farewell to two left and embrace finding your beat. This course is open to all levels for those who want to elevate their dance skills and shine like a star. Get ready to:

  • Unleash Your inhibitions and tap into your dance superpowers.
  • Boost your confidence and radiate with magnetic charisma.
  • Unlock your full range of motion and dance with pure freedom.
  • Master a fun and fulfilling routine suitable for any occasion.
  • Embark upon a transformational journey and uncover your “best self!”

Start Grooving Right

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