Don’t Throw in The Towel Just Yet, You’ll Need It to Wipe Your Sweat.

Think on These Things

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"Daily Words of Encouragement to
Help You “Stay on Your Groove!”
“Nobody, and I Mean Nobody,
Has It Like YOU!!!”
a picture of Joey L Dowdy in a red shirt
"Continual Joy Happens When You Learn
How to Be You, Do You, and to Love
“Why Settle for Less When You
Know You Deserve More!”
“Move That Body, Just Make
Sure You Don’t Hurt Nobody!” 😊
“When Ever Someone Tries to
Pull You Down, Don’t Let Them,
Instead Look UP!”
Say it with Me, “Oops, I Did It Again!”
"You Don’t Need a Handout Just
a Hand, or Maybe Two!"
“Put Your Right Foot in Front of Your
Left, Now, Strut Your Stuff!”
“The Secret Formula for Success
Starts and Ends with Knowing
That Life Is Way Too Short
Not to Be Having Some Fun!”
“It’s The Source for Life and It
Is Life so, Move!’’
“Go Ahead, Unleash Your Superpowers!”
“Like A Bird, You Have to Leap Out of
The Nest to Spread Your Wings and Fly!”
“The World Is Yours for The Taking so,
Stretch Your Arms & Grab What You Will!”
"A Setback Is Really A Cover Up for
A Breakthrough!"
Group Pics
I love being creative…
"Joey L. Dowdy’s World Dance Showcase
Featuring: His International Dance Ensemble"
"Celebrating Vintage 60’s Style Las Vegas"
"Joey L. Dowdy & Company Performers
"Joey L. Dowdy’s Tales of Alibaba
Featuring: Hollywood Screen Fighter Marcus
S. & Female Dancers"
"Joey L. Dowdy’s All Male Dance Crew
United Nations Dancers"
"Joey’s Fires Up Participants at
Pasadena’s Civic Auditorium Health Expo
as They Chant GO BIG DREAMS!"
"Joey & Adrienne Get A Leg
Up in Tales of Alibaba Performance"
"Joey & Cast Performs in Anthony
Wayne Johnson’s Ballet Magique!"
World Dance Groove
Photo Gallery
"Joey‘s World Dance Groove Ensemble"
“Takes Center Stage”
''True Talent Prevails and Shines Like
A Brand-New Penny! JLD"
"Joey’s World Dance Groove Cardio
Dance & Exotic Tone & Stretch DVD with
Original Music CD"
"Joey and Dancers Demonstrate
Grooves from The Workout DVD"
"Stop #1 AGDC World of
Dance Showcase"
"Stop# 2 World Dance Groove &
Orchids of The Desert Perform
at Cairo Carnival"
"Stop# 3 Joey’s Master Class &
Performance in Vegas at Dance
Educators of America"
Stop #4 Joey at The International Cherry Blossom Festival Los Angeles to Award The Grand Prize “Winners” of World Dance Groove Giveaways
"Price #1 A Lovely Gift Basket
(Workout DVD, Original Music,
Free Dance/Fitness Class
@ AGDC, & Jones Organic Coffee)"
"Prize #2 A Free One-on-One
Consultation with Dr. Dancer to
Discuss & Create A Physical Fitness
Plan to Get You Grooving in
The Right Direction!”

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