“I believe Life Is A Dance within itself, there’s a forward step, a sidestep, a back step, steps of confusion that make you spin around; and amid all its mayhem there are steps designed to help you Make Your Quantum Leap!”
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Joey L. Dowdy AKA Dr. Dancer is a multi-talented International Performer, Author, Host, Choreographer, Speaker, Fitness Motivator, Instructor, Artistic Director, Producer, Writer, and founder of “World Dance Groove & Get Up & Groove Entertainment.” He specializes in dance, fitness, and inspirational entertainment that features an array of outlets - everything from, Groovy Informative & Empowering instructional Dance/Fitness DVDs, YouTube videos, colorful and insightful blog post, fiery stage performances, and spectacular television appearances. He is the author of several books such as his latest “Rise to The Rhythm- Groove to Improve & Live Your Life’s Highest Capabilities, Sweat 2 Success, and Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness!” In which it features “Strut In Six-Inch Heels!” It’s a fascinating story that landed him a spot on the cover (July-Aug 2014) of Los Angeles’ prestigious “Working World Magazine.” He travels the world as an Instructor, Host, and Speaker with his “Experience The Groove to Improve Your Life” how- to dance, Get Fit, and Feel Fabulous motivational programs. He’s also been a feature on Television’s ABC, KTLA, FOX, NBC & QTN. Joey’s claim to fame is his position as the original choreographer for boy bands such as the Backstreet Boys, Take-Five, The California Boys, and The United Nations all-male Dancer Crew. He has trained extensively with the Joffrey 2 ballet, Tennessee ballet, and is a graduate of world-renowned Point Park University. In addition, he is also an alumnus of Disney’s Epcot Center World Dancers.

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How I Said, “Goodbye to Depression and Hello to Progression!” JLD

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I don’t struggle with too much anymore because I’ve learned how to recognize what things are holding me back. Then I confront them. It’s because I’ve had to develop the mindset of being a survivor with enduring a string of health-related incidents in 2016. Such as, I survived two major surgeries, hip replacement, coronary heart recovery, and two-car accidents all within six months. Truth be told, it was a true test of my willpower and faith which led to three valuable lessons learned. One, I learned I was much stronger than I thought and through God’s grace I could overcome any obstacle.

Two, I learned to listen to my body and take heed to what it’s saying to me. Three, I learned how precious life is and to take advantage of “living each moment” as though it could be my last. Like I stated in my book “Rise to The Rhythm & Get Off The Dreadmill poetic video, “Life Is way too short to live it with dread, so why drag your feet like a walking dead?” Meaning, there’s no need to be down when you can “Get Up & Groove!’

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"Tomorrow isn’t a promise. Now is the time to Step Into Your Greatness, Claim The Life You Deserve, and Make Your Dreams Come True!"

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Remember: I’m here to help because if I did it, “I Know You Can Do It Too!” 🙂

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