“Claim Your Happiness-Will It to Be!”

An excerpt from my lastest book “Rise to The Rhythm-Awaken The Beat” page 27 {updated}

“It’s true. The key is to tap into your own creativity by using your mind. Remember: It can take you places where your body can’t go. You can create a world for yourself full of whatever you imagine it to be.”

Here is the problem. What’s holding most people back from elevating their lives to the next level is “Fear.” It’s no surprise that fear makes its presence known to every human being, and it comes with the intent to stop you from advancing. I say, “Fear Not!” You have the authority, and your thoughts, words, and actions can cast it out. So why be stagnated? Instead, choose to Get Up & Groove and claim your Happiness.

Will It to Be!

Which do you prefer?

Will it be doubt or faith?

Will it be fear or favor?

Will it be joy or sorrow?

Will it be pain or pleasure?

Will it be havoc or peace?

Will it be worry or hope and reassurance?

Will it be you stressed out, or chilled out?

Will it be you going for it, or you just sitting around contemplating about it?

Will it be you daring to dream big, or will it be you settling for thinking small?

Will it be you wondering what could have happened with your life?

Or will it be you choosing the pursuit of what good things can become of your life?

Will it be you going another year with the same old dance moves at social gatherings?

Or will it be you stepping out of your comfort zone to spice-up your dance moves, and look stellar on the dance floor? If that’s a yes, I’m here to help! Will you join me?

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