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I started my new YouTube channel in 2012 because I believed I had evolved as an artist and as a human being. So, I wanted it to reflect my growth by creating fresh material that came from a new perspective. This website was created in 2016 when the drama hit. Meaning, I was hospitalized twice with a need to have two major surgeries within six months. As you can imagine, enduring them both and ‘surviving by God’s grace’ initiated a wake-up call. And I began to see life and its importance from a uniquely different perspective. Because during that year I also witnessed two of my friends die in a flash, yeah, like here today and gone tomorrow. It was devastating especially when I realized it could have been me. 

 In fact, I still haven’t stopped mourning their passing. Yet I’m ever so grateful that I’m still here. Therefore, I knew I had been given another chance to be about my earthly mission. This! I’ve been blessed with talents and the ability to use those talents in a positive way that’ll make a difference, and hopefully have an impact on people’s lives. As you can see, we currently live in sketchy and gloomy times and often with the focus being on a downtrodden society. However, my goal is to teach people how to focus on their capabilities and not their disabilities. I believe “you may be down but you’re never out unless you choose to be so.”

Groove on This: You have the ability to rise up no matter how low you may be at the moment.

Like I’ve said before the thing to remember is, “You can’t lose your head.”  It’s vital you stay head-focused! It’ll give you the motivation to “Rise Above It All!” There’s no need to be down when you have the ability to Get Up & Live Your Best Life on The Groove!  And this is exactly what my Youtube channel teaches you how to do.

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