Let Your Freedom Ring-Like Dr. King {Continuation from The Short}

Thank you for watching my sneak peek preview short “Let Freedom Ring” and for your touching comments. I appreciate them all. It’s safe to say that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has impacted our lives worldwide. He taught us all how to put our differences aside and learn to love one another no matter the race, color, or creed. Because “Love” is the greatest gift of them all!

 I’m so fortunate, honored, and blessed, that the City of Memphis Tn {my hometown} allowed me the privilege to pay homage to Dr. King’s ongoing and “living Legacy.” This video is a continuation of the short. It’s a brief journey and a quest at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reflection Park in downtown Memphis, Tn. Where you’ll get a deeper look into this beautiful historic and culturally empowering display and learn “How to Let Your Freedom Ring Like Dr. King!


Video LINK: https://youtu.be/55n1ldogaaY

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