Tips on How to Find What Moves You & Step Into Your Greatness! Pt. 1

Tips on How to Find What Moves You & Step Into Your Greatness! Pt. 1

I realized after I did the videosWin It & Tell Your Story” how poignant refreshing and powerful it is to “let your voice be heard.” However, I never knew how good it would feel to rekindle past experiences, and how they would end up having a bigger impact on my life than I initially imagined. I admit that I’m a very private person and rarely share personal information about what I’m going through past or present. Which I’ve learned isn’t always a good thing. Because keeping things that need to be said or told inwardly will wear on you, and in some cases even hold you back from moving forward.  Plus, those two videos made me see how my experiences mattered, had some value, and could be lessons learned not only for me but for others too. So, I decided to share more of my experiences in hope that they would translate, inspire, and perhaps become learning tools for you to use on your life’s journey.

Are you one of many who might be saying, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life? Yet, if given the choice I would love to do something meaningful?”

But here’s the thing. “I believe purpose, happiness, and what’s meaningful starts when you find what moves you in life.” And this Part 1 & 2 video series will give you some insight, and tips on how to Find What Moves You & Step Into Your Greatness!  This is part 1, so please check it out! 

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