Get Back Into The Groove! The Dynamic Duo Joey & Josh!

Get Back Into The Groove! The Dynamic Duo Joey & Josh!

I always have a good time speaking with Josh Kangley be it either Podcast or making a special guest appearance on his new YouTube show entitled “The Mind Shift!” We always have engaging and informative conversations that make you think, laugh, wonder, and even ponder, about what’ll happen next? I was asked to give my take on and to share what advice I could give about some pretty deep topics. Topics like How to Deal with Covid-19, Racism, Discipline, The Economy, and what it’ll take to “Get Our Lives Back Into The Groove!” FYI, I guess I’d been in quarantine for too long because when I watched this episode, I didn’t realize how I simply “let it all hang out!”  I admit it’s a “MUST WATCH!”

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