Move That Body Pt. 1

Move That Body Pt. 1

When it comes to moving ahead with your life, and or trying to get your body in shape, it’s so easy to make excuses not to do so. When the challenge is, “you know you need to.” However, like most, what usually happens is you allow those naughty little bad thoughts, and habits, to get the best of you and cripple your ability to even try. For example, it’s thoughts like these. “I don’t have the time, but instead you could take some time.” Or you tend to think it’s not that important right now, so you’ll do it later.”The downfall later never seems to come. Or you say to yourself, “It takes too much energy and effort; and if I can’t go the full nine yards then what’s the point?”  Well, the point is you didn’t even attempt to go one yard.

Here’s the thing. Although these may seem like simple classic excuses, I think they’re more like falling into a trap. A trap that seems to catch so many people, “just like you!”
However, I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to become a victim of falling into such a trap any longer. Because “knowledge put to good use is power! ” And in this case, there’s a simple solution. That’s right, there’s a way to loosen the grip, and be set free from the “thought chains that bind.”  It’s knowing this. When it comes to moving your body, it’s never all or nothing but “attempting to do what you can is better than doing nothing at all.” Know This: “Where There Is Movement There is Life!”   This is the message for my new video entitled, “Move That Body Pt. 1.”

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